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Lollo Update

Lollo is spending this afternoon in the garden. This is the first time she has been able to to play out in the last 8 weeks.
Beautiful Lollo came to BCWR. She was paralysed in both hind limbs. She has now been with us 22 weeks..

Around 8 weeks ago Lollo became seriously unwell and she very quickly developed sepsis.
It was some days later that a severely infected wound appeared on one of her hind limbs.
We spent 4 weeks trying to treat the wound, sending swabs off to the lab, meanwhile Lollo was in intensive care on our Critical Care Ward receiving strong pain relief, various antibiotics and was on intravenous fluids.
We had many discussions with our amazing vets about the ethics of amputation in paralysed cats and after 4 weeks of a losing battle with infection we opted to amputate the affected limb.
Over the last 4 weeks Lollo has gone from strength to strength and now is the happiest and most content that she has ever been.
Lollo has never had bladder function since she arrived with us and we manually express her bladder several times every day.
Since the amputation Lollo has been much kinder to us when we do this and now let’s us do this without becoming upset.
We are continually overwhelmed by the compassion and expertise of our vets, nurses and the entire team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery .
Thankyou for all you do EVERY DAY.