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Isla’s Letter to Santa

UPDATE: Isla got her wish and found her new home! 😸

Dear Santa,

I’ve been such a good girl and for a 5 year old I’ve had things rather tough.
I was handed into a vets with a sore eye cos i had been living on the streets for months, any thing that happened before this time was a vague and distant memory. The vets contacted BCWR and I was given a lovely warm bed and a bowl always full of food.

Unfortunately my eye went pop and I had to have surgery.

Now with my one eye I am still as sweet and affectionate as ever and for Christmas i would love to find my new home.

BCWR is open Saturdays and Sundays between 1pm and 4pm if you would like to visit me and also you can write your own letter to Santa .
Lots of love from Isla ♥