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New Arrival: Gypsy (NOW ADOPTED!)

(NOW ADOPTED!) New arrival last night, this is 6 month old Gypsy.
Poor Gypsy was handed into a vets in Bradford and served her 7 days obligatory stay at the vets whilst attempts were made to find her owner.

In the meantime a member of the public contacted the vets and offered her a home if within the 7 days, an owner hadn’t been found.

Subsequently, having Gypsy home for just 2 hours the lady rang us in a bit of a state and believed that because Gypsy hadn’t wee-ed or pooped or eaten (in just 2 hours) that she was deeply unhappy, however mentioned that she had always been allergic to cats but wasn;t concerned about the allergy.

24 hours later, the owner contacted us again this time strongly suggesting that she will not keep the cat any longer needless to say this sweet little traveler is now warm and safe with us.

Only when she has been neutered, fleaed, wormed, micochipped, and has started her vaccines will we consider her for rehoming.