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Jimmy Update

Jimmy has been with us now for 11 days. He came in initially with horrendous burns to his paws. Since his arrival his paws are beginning to heal. Whilst we never knew how Jimmy was so badly injured we initially thought that Jimmy had jumped on a hot surface such as an induction  hob.

Over the last week or so, Jimmy has developed horrific lesions in his mouth which would be consistant with you walking through a corrosive substance such as caustic soda, or battery acid, then licking his irritated paws.

Unfortunately Jimmy now cannot comfortably eat & we are having to support him nutritonally.

His short term plan is to have surgery early next week to fit an oesophageol tube so he can be comfortably & safely fed whilst his wounds in his mouth heal.

In the meantime we are providing supportive and intensive care around the clock for Jimmy.

We remain confident that these injuries have not been intentionally inflicted on Jimmy and this indeed was an accident due to the even depth and uniformed structure of the wounds on his paws.