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Tugboat Update

5 year old Tugboat has been under the care of the rescue for 8 weeks following being a stray for months in a volunteers garden.

Over the last 8 weeks Tugs has become a little cuddle bug and has gone from being a nervous and timid kitty to one that enjoys attention and fuss.

Tugboat is now looking for his Forever Family.

Here is what his fosterer, Ellen says about Tugs:

“Tugboat was a long time lurker in my garden, so I took him in to give him the love he deserves! Being inside has confused him a bit, but since being neutered he is relaxing and remembering how nice a good chin scratch is.

He has the gentlest purr, and if you strike it really lucky he’ll show you the spots on his tummy.

He is a prolific catnip thief, in his Stray Days he would walk into my house, straight past the food, and help himself from something in the toy basket. Tugs is ready for a toy basket of his own now 💜”

If you feel you could offer Tugboat a loving home please complete  the form by clicking the link below and quote Tugboat.