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Jimmy Update

Jimmy has spent the day in the vets. He arrived late night with very sore paws & we were not sure if he had been in a road accident.

Today Jimmy was anethatised, castrated & the team at Northcote spent around 40 minutes cleaning his sore paws up.

It is now looks like Jimmy sustained his injuries several days ago and is more than likely accidental burns possibly jumping on something like an “induction hob”.

Poor Jimmy will have weeks, possibly months of recovery ahead of him.

His paws & pads are terribly painful and damaged.

In the short term we will be applying Flamazine and dressing changes several times a day. Jimmy is also on antibiotics & very strong pain relief.

If you would like to help us support Jimmy’s care you can do this in several ways.

We have an amazon wishlist with RED LINE TUBULAR  BANDAGES .which we will need lots of (they have been very successful with ChaCha too).

You can also see all the ways you can donate here: