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Kitten Food Appeal!

Did you know???? We currently have 101 cats and kittens currently in the rescue.
Here at BCWR are desperate for kitten food in jelly.
We can use any brand of kitten food pouches except whiskers and would really appreciate any donations.

All food donated is quarantined for 7 days then disinfected with Anigene, a high level disinfect. This bactericidal fungicidal viricidal and sporicidal disinfecting procedure is another protocol on the rescue put in place to protect all our volunteers and visitors against the global pandemic virus.

If you would like to donate any kitten food pouches to the kittens in the rescue you can either arrange a kerbside drop off by texting the rescue on 07942822509 or by arranging delivery direct from the retailer.

We also have an Amazon wishlist.

Our address is:
BCWR 1 Ashbourne Ave,

Many thanks for your support in this very difficult time.