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Video Tours: ICU and Kitty Cottage

A sneak peak at Kitty Cottage

BCWR Intensive Care Unit
Here at BCWR, we pride ourselves on being able to provide an exceptional level of care for high dependency cats and kittens that may not have a chance anywhere else.
We take referrals from vets, local councils, emergency services and more, because we have built a reputation for providing intensive nursing for the cats and kittens in most desperate need.
In this video, you can see our incredibly busy Intensive Care Ward (our Pawspital) and some of the little ones under our most critical level of care. These kittens have needs ranging from observations and feeding every 15 minutes, to every 1-2 hours, and that’s 24 hours a day.
We put our hearts and souls into nursing these little ones, and in the current situation it’s harder than ever. Increased Covid restrictions means it can be very isolating nursing around the clock, as well as making sure the needs of all the other cats at the rescue are met.
If you want to support any of our cats and kittens, please click the link under the video.