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New Arrival: Chester

Another new arrival at BCWR. This is little Chester.

CHESTER is around 6 weeks old and came to us as an emergency admission last night.Chester was involved in a freak accident.Whilst playing in his home unbeknownst to his owner he snuck under a reclining chair and became trapped in the mechanism. When they managed to free him from the chair some 10 to 15 mins later they knew Chester had sustained serious injuries.

Sadly they were unable to provide the care for Chester and rang to see if we could help. Chester has been in our vets today and miraculously there have been no broken bones however his injuries are far more complicated.Chester has suffered brachial plexus injury which means it has affected his ligaments, nerves and muscles. The brachial plexus is a network of nerves that provides movement and feeling to the shoulder, leg and paw. The nerves supporting the leg exit the spinal column high in the neck; those that support the paws and digits exit lower in the neck.

There are months of physio and rehabilitation ahead for Chester and myself. A domino effect of the Coronavirus pandemic is the inability to fundraise. Coupled with this the very much reduced number of volunteers allowed on site to help with the day to day running of the rescue.I

f you would like to support Chester’s care in this very difficult time please click the link below. Thank you.