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Lights of love @ BCWR

💙This post is dedicated to “Peter” my close friends’ Grandad who sadly died in hospital yesterday. 💙

Here BCWR every night we light our Tree of Light in the garden @ the rescue. This tree symbolises, love, life, memories and of course light. Our beautiful tree hosts over 1500 individual lights.

Everyday people are dying and at this time, this is made even harder as many of us cannot spend time with our loved ones as they slip from Earth.

This week we are inviting any one who wishes, to dedicate a light to some one they know who they have lost either recently, or any time in the past too.

All messages will be written out, and placed on our on our Tree of Love inside the rescue. These messages will remain on the tree until we can hold our “Candlelit Lights of Love” Event which you will all be invited to when it is safe to do so.

If a message is too hard.. just a name is OK too. To dedicate a light all you have to do is message or email your dedications to me either on Facebook /

In all the sadness in this current, tragic global situation that we are all facing..we must remember there is light in darkness.
Thank you