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Little Meadow

Little Meadow has now been on our critical care ward in intensive care at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary almost 2 weeks.

Though there was a language barrier when she arrived, we believe her previous owner bathed her in a bleach rich substance in an attempt to kill fleas… sadly it almost killed Meadow too.
Meadow has the most awful burns to he mouth and throat through licking the substance which has obviously also affected her skin badly too .

Whilst Meadow is extremely poorly, we have seen small steps of improvement almost every day.

Meadow is being fed every 2 hours through a nasogastric feeding tube as her mouth is so damaged that she has not been able to eat.
She has special dressings for her little chin and neck inside her protective collar.

Today she was reviewed by our vets at Northcote who are pleased with her progress however warned us that her prognosis remains very guarded.

Did you know that the most common item that is used on our Critical Care Ward is 1ml sterile syringes.
We use these to feed, administer medication orally and by injection, flush wounds, measure liquid volumes and much more too.

If you would like to help Meadow and her friends on our Critical Care Ward you might like to donate some 1ml sterile syringes.

These can be purchased from many places and are also on our amazon wishlist too.