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New Arrivals: Assorted Mints

New arrivals at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & SanctuaryThese our our “Assorted Mints” kittens.

They actually arrived yesterday however we have been so busy we hsvent had time to tell you all about them.

They were found motherless by council representatives dealing with a fly tipping incident in the district.
It looked like the kittens were dumped in a box with a sofa.

Whilst every attempt was made to locate mum, this was impossible and as you can see from the state of a couple of the kittens they needed immediately medical help.
The kittens have a severe respiratory are inderweight and full of fleas.
Their prognosis is not good but we will do our best in nursing them.

We are not responding to any adoption enquiries for these kittens due to their fragility.