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The power of a microchip!!!

Yesterday evening we have been called to a rescue of a cat that had been found 4 days ago but noone could access.

As we knew the cat may be seriously injured or ill we spoke to the Fire service who came to assess the situation.

Thankfully through their tenacity, skills and compassion eventually we were able to reach this little cat.

We thought she may be a missing one we had seen on Facebook and tghe microchip confirmed this.

We were very quickly able to reunite her with her owner.

Unbeknown to the owner and us little Nugget had jumped from the very top floor of these apartments into a tiny outdoor courtyard that runs through the middle of the building…. around 20 metres high.
She has been missing over a week.

Nugget appears to have non lifethreatening injuries and will be assessed by the owners vet.

Thankyou to West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for your outstanding service and relentless compassion.