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Love Sees No Colour

When a cat comes into our rescue at BCWR we do not discriminate on age, size, colour, gender, ability, disability, financial implications or time commitment to care.

When someone comes to adopt from us we do not discriminate against anyone based on age, gender size , ethnicity, disability or time required to support them in their decision to adopt.

Every day we get messages and emails from people wanting to adopt specific colours, we are often told 12 weeks is too old, we don’t like black or black and white cats… the cat must sleep on the bed, the kitten must not need a litter tray and be happy to travel.

We are a cat rescue.

Every cat in our rescue needs and deserves love and a family.

We are committed to finding the right cats for family situations based on personality not colour. Many of our cats are rescued from dreadful situations… they are not made in a factory… adopting a cat or kitten is not a game of ” pick n mix”.

Before contacting us about adoption please remember this.