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Manisha Update

Manisha has had a very busy day today.

In between interviews with BBC Radio Leeds this morning at 7.30am, BBC Look North at 1.30pm & also the evening bulletin…

She has also been to visit the lovely team at the amazing Northcote Vets.

We now have a plan for Manishsa which will involve a staged surgery plan, but prior to that she must build up her strength with physiotherapy, hydrotherapy & some daily sessions spent in her mobility scooter.

Her lower spine is completely shattered, her pelvis is totally misaligned, one of her hind legs is a rigid as a pencil the knee joint is back to front. The tibia and fibula are in a very strange position (and will need amputating), her bowel is irregular and her other hind leg is completely useless at this time, however we hope with a lot of work this may improve.

From the waist up Manisha is perfect.