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Mr McFlurry

New arrival at BCWR.
This is Mr McFlurry. (Guess what I eating when he arrived).
This little bundle of 2-3 week cuteness was brought to us by local officers from West Yorkshire Police.
The details of this rescue are of a very sinister nature.

The police removed the kitten from a 13 year old child in local authority care.
It is believed that the child was being “groomed” and this kitten was a “gift” from her abuser.
The sad fact is we will never know the true origin of this kitten, or the whereabouts of his mum and siblings.
Whilst this kitty has got the love care and support he needs, we can only hope that the child involved accepts care and support too.

Without mum, the prognosis of such a young kitten is very much guarded and we will be nursing Mr. Mc Flurry around the clock.
He has not been fed for at least 6- 8 hours so we will be feeding him tiny amounts every 30 minutes overnight.

This kitten is not currently being considered at all for adoption at this time.