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Meadow Update

Our little Bleach Baby Meadow has been with Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary 37 days now. Her wounds / chemical burns are slowly starting to heal now and 48 hours ago we removed the feeding tube.

Having an Nasogastric feeding tube in for 5 weeks is far from ideal however to have a more suitable Oesophageal tube under general anesthetic wasn’t really an option. Not only is the anesthetic a great risk, the current injuries and wounds around the area which would be affected by the O-Tube insersion could potentially be fatal.

Throughout her care little Meadow has remained a bright and happy bundle of mischief though goodness knows how or why.

In the 1st 24 hours of removing Meadow’s feeding tube she showed great interest in food and with encouragement even managed to eat from a spoon, then a bowl.

Unfortunately yesterday Meadow became very uncomfortable nd swollen around her mouth and chin which prevented her from eating again.

We took Meadow back to the vets today for a review and after some magic local anesthetic spray she ate again for us.

At this stage we feel it would be counter productive to jump back in with another feeding tube and we will work very intensively with Meadow to try enable her to eat independently and be comfortable.