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Moses: Our Worst Rescue Situation

We have just been involved in possibly the worst rescue situation in the history of Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary .

Around 8.30pm last night we received a call of reports of a cat crying around the lake of a park.

Within 5 minutes we rushed and we also heard the cries of a cat/ kitten in distress.

We alerted the emergency services and our friends at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service were with us within minutes.

The crew used specialist equipment to locate and retrieve the cat.

Sadly the cat turned out to be a kitten around only 6 weeks old who had been thrown into the lake sellotaped in a box in a heavy duty bag.

Throughout the rescue we called this little kitten Moses.

Despite all our efforts Moses did not survive.

We are devastated and cannot comprehend how anyone could be so cruel.

Thankyou to everyone at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for trying your absolute best to help little Moses.