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The weekend from hell at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary.

After yesterdays terrible rescue experience as we unsuccessfully attempted to recucitate little Moses after fireservice retrived him out of the lake in a park in Bradford, we were not at all prepared for the events this tea

We received a call from a parent of a little boy who had found a kitten at the side of the same
lake soaking wet and bleeding.

The kitten we have named Nemo is around 6- 8 weeks old, was blue around the mouth, lips and ears, wet through , hypothermic, bleeding and in shock.

We provided emergency care, oxygen and rushed him to Abbey House Veterinary Hospital where he has been admitted for xrays, scans, antibiotics, fluids and assessment of puncture wounds, likely caused by another animal.

Nemos prognosis is extremely guarded, we are expecting the worst outcome but hoping for the best.
It is highly likely little Nemo has suffered terrible injuries including a pneumothorax and serious infection.

The next 24 hours are critical for Nemo.