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Meadow Update

20 days ago little Meadow arrived with us covered in what we believe was a bleach based product which her previous owner put on her in an attempt to kill fleas!! Unfortunately this almost killed Meadow!

For the last 20 days we have been nursing Meadow around the clock and she has had a naso gastric feeding tube. Over the weekend we removed the tube for 24 hours just to see if she had any interest in food at all. Today Meadow was deemed strong enough to manage a general anesthetic and this little tough cookie really was challenging for the anesthetic team.. she didnt want to go to sleep. Finally she nodded off and the team assessed and cleaned all her chemical burn wounds, treat and dressed them.

They were also able to have a good look in her mouth and throat and the result of this was horiffic. A feeding tube was re-placed and little Meadow was woken up.

Meadow is going to need daily dressing changes, which, as we learnt through nursing Rosa, takes time patience and a huge amount of resources too. Meadow will have the exact same style of dressings as Rosa which are very effective but expensive too. Meadow will also be fed Royal Canin Recovery Liquid every 2 hours through her nasogastric feeding tube for the forseeable future.