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This is little Savoy.

Savoy came to us via another rescue referral with what was initially thought to be neurological issues. He was found in a garden in a wheelbarrow.It was soon established that his condition is far more serious.

Savoy appears to have several possible fractures in all limbs plus head trauma causing brain damage. Savoy is terribly poorly and requires constant monitoring and care.. he is immobile and cannot lift his head unaided.. on top of this he also has ulcers all over his mouth.

He us currently being fed Royal Canin Recovery Liquid and is on pain relief. We hope in around a weeks time he will be strong enough for sedation to enable him to have a Catogram!! Savoy will be cared for in intensive care by our amazing critical care and trauma volunteers.

We will shortly be holding a raffle to help fundraise towards Savoys care on our Facebook page x