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Meg’s Purrfect Pound

Where is this year going?? It’s the 1st of November already and today is BCWR’S MONTHLY PURRFECT POUND CAMPAIGN.

This is new arrival Meg.
Meg is only around 1 year old.
Meg was taken to a charity shop and placed with the incoming donations.

The staff in the charity shop were very concerned about her and believed that the may be pregnant. The lump that they thought was an indication of a pregnancy is most likely to be a huge traumatic hernia. (The size of a small orange) However until this is further investigated invasively this diagnosis is not definite…

Meg will be undergoing emergency surgery tomorrow to deal with the lump and hopefully she will be also neutered too.

Never before have we needed your support more. As we are about to enter another national lockdown, here at BCWR the wheel just keeps turning.

This major surgery is expected to cost in excess of £500 … And if you could just donate £1.00 this would be much appreciated.

As always thank you for your continued support.