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Muffin Update

Just look at little Muffin now!

She has been with is 3 weeks and has met a fantastic milestone.

Her weight has now exceeded 1kg.

When she arrived 21 days ago she was hypothermic, severely dehydrated, hypoglycaemic, malnourished, unable to regulate her body temperature and her biggest hurdle was the overwhelming anaemia that she presented with on arrival.

Weighing less than 400g the chances of her survival were desperately slim.

Against the odds… she has fought and fought.

Earlier this week she had a minor setback and was immediately put on antibiotics which has had a really good effect.

We are so grateful for everyone who has contributed towards Muffins care and also to those who helped us purchase our state of the art Intensive Care Unit.

Muffin is still not in a position to be considered for adoption, she remains in our intensive care unit and we hope to wean her out of there soon.