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Nemo Update

We are delighted to tell you that Nemo survived the first critical 48 hours despite his horrific ordeal. Most of you will remember that on Sunday Night Nemo was found on the lakeside at Peel Park barely alive, wet through, cold and bleeding.

We rushed him to Abbey House Veterinary Hospital where he had emergency surgery and treatment for a pneumothorax, multiple wounds cleaned and stitched, antibiotics, fluids and critical care observations.

Late last night Nemo was well enough to be transferred to our Critical Care Ward and is currently in Intensive care. Nemo is not currently looking to be fostered or adopted he remains critically ill due to his injuries.

We honestly have no idea what has happened to him however it is possible that the wounds have been caused both by a dog and also a sharp object. This is unbearable to think about but is the reality of the cruelty we are facing this year with acts such as dog baiting. Whilst we have no evidence to lead to a prosecution we have reported to all relevant authorities.

Unfortunately emergency vet care comes at a cost.

Nemos invoice for the amazing care he revived was just over £1600 which was twice what we were expecting due to the unknown severity of his injuries when he was admitted.

If you could spare just £1 towards Nemo’s Care we would be very grateful as Nemo’s care is ongoing.
All the ways you can help are on our donate page: