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New Arrival: Elsa

New arrival @ BCWR.
This is little Elsa… who was literally “Frozen” earlier today.
She is only around 10 weeks old.

Elsa Was found in our garden earlier this morning by volunteers following hearing her distressed and muffled cries.
We suspect that Elsa has been dumped in the garden several days ago unbeknown to us.
The only way she can have arrived with us is by being heartlessly thrown over a 7 foot high secure fence in freezing temperatures.

When we managed to extract her from underneath/ behind a storage unit, we realised that she was hypothermic, severely dehydrated, very “shocky” and generally very unwell.

We contacted the vets and rushed her straight up there.
Elsa has very odd facial symmetry.
Her left eye bigger than the right.
She has ulceration in her eyes.
Her temperature was understandably Subnormal and she is hypothermic.
Elsa currently cannot swallow.

We are not sure if her neurological problems are due to head trauma when she was thrown over our fence, if there were pre existing neurological issues and that’s why she was dumped or if it is the effects of hypoglycaemia and hypothermia .
Elsa has been given intensive care by our amazing vets all day and now we will continue this over the weekend at the rescue.
She is such a poorly kitten.

Her prognosis is so terribly guarded however we will do our best to help her.
We are so angry about the needless suffering this little kitten has endured .
Yes she was brought to the right place however its totally inexcusable the way she was left here.