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Noodles Update

Many of you will have seen little Noodles our 7(ish) week old kitten with profound issues.
She came into us following being dumped in a box in a shed (apparently)
We believe Noodles has congenital vestibular disease which has resulted in a neurological impact.
As well as a significant head tilt, Noodles also is ataxic, blind and trots around in circles… as blind cats do.
Noodles is going to need a lot of input and intensive care to ensure she has a life full of quality and fun.
Primary to her care is nutritional support.
We believe that a good diet for all the animals in our care is crucial to recovery and quality of life.
We are currently looking after, not only Noodles but also lots of other kittens in the rescue and we are desperately appealing for good quality kitten biscuits specifically pictured above.
We will be adding these to our amazon wish list but you may find them cheaper from other outlets such a Zooplus who can then deliver them direct to us.
Our address is 1 Ashbourne Ave . BRADFORD BD2 4AW
Here is a link our Amazon Wishlist: