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New Arrival: Hank

New arrival this week @Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.

This is handsome Hank.

Hank was handed in as a stray to a vets almost 2 weeks ago.

Hank is a nervous but sweet boy but has major complications requiring surgery.

Hank has a massive hernia.. even possibly 2 that require surgery however as the hernia is thd size of a grapefruit we are awaiting a special surgical mesh to arrive before the surgery can be attempted.

The mesh is used to provide permanent reinforcement to the repaired hernia. Absorbable mesh will be absorbed and lose strength over time. It is not intended to provide long-term reinforcement to the repair site. As the material is absorbed, new tissue growth is intended to provide strength to the site of the repair.

We have penciled in the surgery for next Tuesday.