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ToTo Update

You may have been following the story of little Toto who has been back with us for 10 days following a sudden onset brain injury.

Well you will all be delighted to know that he is recovering well, his sight and mentation is improving and is now fairly alert.

The only thing that is not improving much is his appetite.

Yesterday afternoon Toto had an oesophageol feeding tube fittend under general anasthetic. Whilst he has been fairly slow in recovering from the anasthetic he is now getting the much needed nutrition to aid his healing.

Toto’s nutritional needs alone are costing around £15 a day for 5 meals of royal canin recovery liquid.

Could you spare just £3 to pay for one of Totos meals toda* The easiest way to donate is via PayPal using as the recipient. please select the friends and family option so we are not charged a fee.

*you can donate by calling our vets at Northcote and making a card payment. Their telephone number is 01274 632222. Please quote BCWR.

*another way to donate is via a monthly standing order or by bank transfer for individual donations.

You will need the following information to do this:


Sort code: 77.71.62

Acct number: 15692060

Thank you