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Shadow Update

Little Shadow has been out of the vets for just 3 hours following life threatening yet life saving surgery to remove her “naughty” eye.

We are not sure exactly why her eye turned so nasty and became a life threatening emergency in the last 24 hours.

Despite a challenging anesthetic coupled with juggling with an esophageal tube too and then not wanting to wake up she is now as bright as a button and already looking for mischief .

Removing an eye is a very dangerous procedure and especially in such a young kitten.

Aside of the anasthetic risks, there isca nerve that runs down the back of the eye called the Vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve is an integral part of the autonomic nervous system. This part of your nervous system controls the things your body does without your conscious input, such as breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, digesting food, and sweating.

If this nerve was damaged in surgery this could be fatal.

Our amazing team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery got little Shadow through this intricate surgery and she is now recovering well with us on our critical care ward.

We are still fundraising to cover surgery costs which are around £800 for today and to fund her nutrition needs … she is currently being fed £15 of recovery liquid per day!!

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Thankyou for all your support