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New Arrival: Molly

New arrival today at BCWR.
This is 15 year old Molly who has arrived with us through our community project Meowie Curie.

Mollys owner has sadly died in the last few days and has come to us.
We hope that within a short period of time once she has had all her health checks and screening that Molly will find her Retirement Home.

Molly ideally will be looking for a quiet home with no other pets.
Many of you will have heard about our community project MEOWIE CURIE and Molly is one of our special Meowie Curie guests.

Terminal and lifelimiting illness and the grief it carries is something very close to my heart.
Most people know some one who is facing a daily battle with serious illness.

MEOWIE- Curie is our community project which we hope will makes a huge impact on those dealing with extremely difficult circumstances……..

We work exclusively with patients and families of patients at Bradford Marie Curie Centre, as we understand the devastation of a terminal illness coupled with the uncertainty of what will happen to an owners loved pet when they can no longer care for them.

We understand that it is not always possible for family members to take on the responsibility of their relatives’ pets and that some patients do not have any relatives.
Where possible we speak with the patients, (and family and staff if appropriate) to offer assurance and make plans to care for their cat when the time arises.

We aim to spend time with patients, find out as much as we can about the cats’ lifestyle, needs and routine and we can be contacted 24/7 to deal with any urgent concerns.

Life is busy here at BCWR- Compassion Pride and Respect (CPR) is the foundations on which we are built upon and what keeps the heart of BCWR beating.

If you think you may be interested in adopting Molly in her twilight years please complete the following form and quote MC Molly on the form.