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Unforgotten Miracle: Philomena

Philomena has now been with us 133 days now (though feels like a lifetime).
For those of you who don’t know her story she was found abandoned in Bradford in a garden.
Philly was lucky to be alive… She is deaf, blind, has spinal cord compression and was severely dehydrated.
There is a huge piece missing in the jigsaw … We don’t know if she has been in a road accident or suffered some sort of traumatic incident … Or indeed if Philomena was born with spinal cord issues.
Over the last 133 days she has been in and out of the vets having tests and treatments, and was continually on intravenous fluid therapy at the rescue, for 3 weeks initially and was Intensively nursed by me!!
Every day we saw tiny baby steps of improvement in her health … and till to this day we do.
And we feel that today she is perhaps brighter than she has ever been …. she is even learning how to play.
Her best friend is CC and they can bound around together for hours.
Thankyou to every one who supports our work so we can continue to help cats like Philomena.