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New Arrival: Muriel

New arrival at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary yesterday.
This is Muriel.
Muriel was abandoned by her owner some time ago. A neighbour took her in and looked after her and has been feeding her regularly and offered refuge.
Unfortunately a few days ago Muriel went “home” injured.
She was taken to a nearby vets however the neighbour was not in a position to provide the the care required for a badly injured cat.

Muriel has spent the day at “Hotel Northcote” ( Northcote Veterinary Surgery ) where she has had various examinations and radiographs.

Unfortunately poor muriel has a oblique fracture of tibia and fibula which will result in majo surgery. We hope to be able to repair the fracture however if this is not possible amputation is our second option.
We are waiting for specialist interpretation from Orthopaedic Surgeons.

It is likely that the injury occured through a violent dog attack due to yhe additional injuries and puncture wounds.

Muriel is currently resting in her warm bed and is on very strong pain relief.