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New Arrival: Pancake

New arrival at BCWR.
This is 8 week old Pancake.

She is very underthrifty (we believe she was from a back yard breeder) and is half the weight she should be for her age.
Pancake came to us as a last ditch attempt to save her life.
2 weeks ago she was “playing out” with her siblings and a heavy patio door trapped her.
She was taken to the vets by the owner however they declined all investigations.

Pancake has been in our vets all day today at Northcothe and has had x0rays and examinations and cuddles with one of the nurses Grace-Evie Hannah Bainbridge. Whilst it appears Pancake has no broken bones she does have other issues.

She cannot pass urine or open her bowels unaided.
We hope this may improve in time but may be permenantly damaged.
In addition to the neurological damage she also has a foreign body inside her.
As this isn’t affecting her functionally at this time we are going to let her get a little stronger before this is investigated.

We will be keeping a close eye on her on our Critical Care Ward in an intensive care unit.
Pancake is not currently being considered for adoption.

May 18