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I am so very very upset and angry today.
Back street breeders doing their thing, raking the money in whilst rescues pick up the shit pay the vet and emotionally break down.

Little pancake came to us from a back yard breeder in Bradford a few days ago.
The story was that she was trapped in a patio door, went to the PDSA for emergency advice, thet the breeder declined treatment offered.

2 weeks later they came knocking on our door with a poorly Pancake, unable to pee or poop without help.
When we xrayed her there was a mysterious foreign body in her stomach however she was too tiny and fragile to remove it on Monday and we planned to remove it when she was a little stronger.
Today we felt Pancake had declined and needed this further investigating.
We were shocked that a feeding tube was found inside her. This has ruptured her stomach and liver causing internal bleeding.

We contacted the breeder to ask if she had ever used a feeding tube? She replied “yes a few times because she wasn’t eating but on the last time she wouldn’t keep still so left her.”
The direct action of the breeder using the feeding tube – unqualified to do so has killed beautiful Pancake.
We are all so angry and devastated at BCWR.

Another needless death as a result of a back street breeders actions.
This information is being passed on to the relevant authorities.