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New Arrival: Penelope

New arrival @ Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.

This is Penelope . She arrived with us late last night following being handed in to a vets as an apparent stray.

She does have a foreign microchip however we are unable to locate the owner .

Penelope has been in and around a garden for the last 3 weeks and was taken to a vets yesterday.
Penelope was immediately put on intravenous fluids and emergency care was given.

The vets contacted us last night to see if we could help.

When Penelope arrived with us her temperature was significantly subnormal, her abdomen and general anatomy felt odd . Shecwent straight onto our critical care ward into intensive care.

This morning we took Penelope to our caring and compassionate vets at Northcote for further examination and bloodwork which wasnt easy as she was ( and is ) still very dehydrated.

The physical examination and blood results suggested end stage kidney failure and possibly a mass around the kidneys.

Whilst euthanasia on welfare grounds was discussed, we all feel Penelope is not in pain and before rushing into such a final decision, we will give her a little time to see if the fluids improve her condition and then we can get more data to accertain a full clinical picture.

A busy night at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary Critical Care Ward!!