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Liberty Update

Liberty is our little miracle liver shunt kitten, who every day of her life has fought for survival.
On Monday she was finally neutered and is recovering remarkably well following this.

Liberty is still struggling in may ways and is not a ready for rehoming as we thought she might have been 2 weeks ago.

Prior to neutering Liberty went into foster care for a few days and lost a considerable amount of weight, in a short space of time. This means that she is not thriving independently and is back on our critical care ward and transitional care 50/50.
This means she spends 12 hours a day in intensive care and 12 hours in transitional care, which is a highly supportive environment with the freedom to be independent.

We are continuing to build Liberty up with royal canin recovery liquid and royal canin recovery mousse.

We appreciate ant donations towards Liberty nutritional support.

For the forseeable future Liberty will remain in our care at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary and we have put all her adoption plans on hold.