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Sad News: Penelope & Muffin

Very sad news from Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.

It’s with great sadness we tell yiu this afternoon that both little Muffin and Penelope have lost their great fight.

Poor penelope had a dreadful mass in her kidney area, was developing multiple organ failure and her heart rathe was so slow it woukd have been unkind to allow her suffering to continue.

Muffin was so emaciated, malnourished and anorexic, had cat flu and was FIV/FELV + AND was fading fast yesterday.. again we could not allow her to suffer when shr had no chance of recovery.

We never ever consider euthanasia except with the knowledge that we cannot relieve their suffering. The decision is hard and final and once acted upon cannot be changed.

This is whh we explore every option before euthanasia.

Penelope and Muffin do not need to suffer now.