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Rosa Update

Imagine….. EXACTLY 12 months ago.this little lady came into our lives at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary following being found covered in fibreglass resin causing full thickness burns to her face and legs.

219 days of uncertainty and little chance of survival. For 4 months she couldnt blink!! We put lubricating drops in her eyes for 4 whole months!!

Vets said ” those wounds will never heal” , people said ” she cant possibly see” volunteers questioned her future quality of life… yet we never ever gave up on her.

Rosas Recovery would not have been at all possible without the amazing support she received . Her total cost of care exceeded £12,000, and we are so grateful for everyone that donated.

The team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery have been and always are amazing and their commitment to Rosas Recovery has been relentless.

Rosa had 2 major sight saving operations.

Gemma who did all the research prior to each surgery and the surgey itself, David, the practice owner was a great support to Gemma in preparation and on the day of each surgery, and of course the amazing nurses who provide such compassionate care to Rosa.

We have to remember this exact surgery had never ever been done before… and the the team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery literally saved her life.

Thankyou also to Heidi and Sue two international leading eye specialists who provided Gemma with much valuble information prior to surgery..
Thankyou to everyone who supported Rosas care and Thankyou to Rosas adoptive family.
Scroll through the photos and see how amazing she looks now. 🧡🧡🧡