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New Arrival: Polka

Here at BCWR whilst we are not processing any new adoption queries during this period of restricted movement, we are here to deal with very urgent admission referrals. This is 4 month old Polka.

Polka was a very much loved owned pet however has neurological issues,(most likely moderate to severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia) and her needs are too much for her owner to cope with.
Polka is NOT being considered for adoption at all and will under go many assessments and treatment including physiotherapy for the foreseeable future.

Polka will soon be looking for sponsorship. £10 provided a complete care package for one of our SENSE cats for one week.
When working with kitties with extra special needs we work within our SENSE framework
We take into account all their individual needs in order to achieve:-

We believe that in providing these 5 elements of care to our cats with extra special needs, that their quality of life will be the best it possibly can be.
If you wish to support Polka or any of our other cats with disabilities please email