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Inka Update: Shards of Hope

Good morning from 4 week old poorly Inka @ BCWR.

Whilst we are in lockdown little Inka went on a road trip late last night.
Inka’s cannula slipped out of his tiny vein and needed replacing yesterday evening.
Auntie Ari at the emergency vets assessed and replaced the cannula, and care back at the rescue resumed at midnight.
This morning we can see tiny shards of hope that this little boy may feeling slightly better.
Thankyou to every one who has already donated to this critically ill kitten who still remains very ill with a very much guarded prognosis.
His gums are sheet white still, he still has impacted bowels that we are treating every hour around the clock and certainly is not being considered for adoption.

If you would like to donate to Inka’s care please see our Donate page:

Many thanks
Now Inka is now less crispy and less prune like, and a little more hydrated Inka is clearly a little boy. We were told by a previous vet and owner he was a girl and due to his shockingly ill-health we actually did not check.