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Update: Inka’s Bravery

Little Inka has been super brave today. She has spent the afternoon with our superskilled vet team at Northcote who have managed to obtain IV access and Inka has had a General Anaesthetic this afternoon to remove impacted stool from the Colon. Inca is so dehydrated that the stools were the consistency of dried fondant icing.

Inka is still terribly anaemic, dehydrated, weak and unwell and prognosis very much guarded.
Aside of her life threatening issues she also has neurological issues too.

Since arriving back at the rescue Inka is snuggled in a warm heated bed, and we have connected the cannula to a fluid pump to allow safe and continuous fluid delivery.

We will continue to provide intensive and supportive care to Inka around the clock.
Whilst many of you will be supporting Children In Need tonight (we are too) please consider donating to Inka too, you can see all the ways to help on our Donate page:

Many thanks