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New Arrival: Scamp

This is little Scamp.
Scamp is only around 7 weeks old and came to us via an emergency veterinary hospital.

Scamp has serious health issues that are life threatening without the correct specialist nursing care, diet and future surgery. Scamp has a severe birth defect affecting his tail and rectum area.

We have to help Scamp poop several times a day, take care of his hygeine needs and administer special medication.

When Scamp is a little stronger and can safely undergo an anaesthetic further investigations and surgery will necessary. Until then Scamp will be cared for by our critical care team with the amazing support of Northcote Veterinary Surgery.

Scamp, despite his bouncy little character is not at all well and his condition is life threatening therefore we will not be responding to any adoption enquiries in the forseeable future.