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New Arrival: Soggy Sweep

New emergency arrival at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary today.
This is Soggy Sweep.
Sweep was rescued this morning by 2 kind ladies after over 2 hours of a dangerous rescue mission.
They saw Sweep dodging cars on one of Bradfords busiest roads.
He was in and out of parked car engines then when spooked, ran into the road.
It is a miracle he arrived with us in one piece.

Sweep is severely malnourished, underweight, full of fleas, flu and anaemic too.

Sweep was rushed to our vets at Northcote, recieved emergency care and brought back to intensive care on our Critical Care Ward at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary where he will receive around the clock care.

To give you an idea of how poorly he is, his gums are white, he is half the weight he should be for his perceived age and is being monitored and syringe fed every 30 mins.
He is a poorly boy and if he does survive he will have a long road to recovery and therefore no adoption enquiries please.