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New Arrival: Arthur

New arrival at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.
This is Arthur.
Arthur was a much loved and looked after pet belonging to a very elderly couple.

Earlier in the week, Arthur was taken to a vets in Leeds as he had accidently licked something nasty causing severe burns in his mouth which means whilst they heal, he cannot eat. The owners paid in full for treatment up to that point and attempted to nurse him back to health.

Unfortunately his needs were so great that they could not meet them, they were devastated however agreed it was in his best interests to be signed over to the vets.

Unfortunately they could not follow the aseptic routine of managing his stoma, and it became infected. As a result the oesophageol tube had to be removed, and replaced with a nasogastric feeding tube .

Yesterday the vet contacted us to ask if we could help.

We collected Arthur late last night and have nursed him ever since. He is currently being fed the lifesaving Royal Canin Recovery Liquid every 90 mins.

Due to Arthur’s serious condition he his not currently being considered for adoption.