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Arthur Update

Arthur’s first 24 hours in Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary has shown positive signs for his recovery.

He is being tube fed every 90 mins and later today we hope to increase this to every 2 hours.
Arthur is going to need a lot of care and a modern miracle to make a full recovery.

On a side note there is something I have to say. I have been very upset (and confused?) by the countless comments, messages and emails about getting Arthur home once he is recovered and people donating “conditionally” to Arthur’s care IF this was an option.

Surely Arthur’s recovery is a priority at this point and I have never had offers of “conditional support” before.

It seems bizarre thing to say “I will donate to Arthur’s recovery If it means he can go back to his elderly owners”.

Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary was not involved in Arthur’s care until 4 days after the owners decided to sign Arthur over to the vets.

I did not even know of Arthur’s existence let alone his condition or situation. I do not know (or need to know) what other factors let the owners to this difficult decision however what I do know, is that our priority and role in this situation right now is to try and support Arthur’s recovery, restore his health through intensive nursing, nutritional support and veterinary support.

If you wish to donate to Arthur’s care to help him recover all the ways you can help are on our Donate page.

Many thanks