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New Arrival: Woody

New arrival last night @ BCWR, this is little Woody.

We estimate Woody to be around 10 month old.
He was brought to us after being found in a field in Bradford.

Woody is extremely hypothermic, hypoglycaemic, dreadfully malnourished, riddled with fleas and severely dehydrated.

Woody has had emergency care, is currently receiving fluids, nutritional support and will be intensively nursed by myself tonight.

He will be reviewed by our vets in the morning again.

With all these issues he is facing his prognosis is extremely guarded, and due to the obvious neglect he has been subject to, all our efforts may simply be too little too late.

We will try our absolute best to do all we can to help Woody but the next 24 hours are critical and uncertain.

Woody weighs only 1kg (which is the average weight of a 10 week old kitten).
He has little baby bootees on each paw to try maintain heat and a safe body temperature.

If you wish to donate to Woody’s care please see the DONATE page on our website:

Thank you.