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Woody Update

24 hours ago little Woody was brought to the rescue following being found barely alive in a field:

🧡HYPOTHERMIC (Temp 35.4)

Well against the odds he survived his 1st night. He was nursed intensively all night with fluid therapy, nutritional support, and heat therapy to raise his temperature.

When Woody arrived with us his organs were already failing and shutting down. We believe he was an hour away from death.

Today Woody was assessed at the vets (and gave me a little break to look after all the other 74 kitties in the rescue). He had blood tests and supportive care and now he is back with me at BCWR so his care can continue.

Woody has a very long road to recovery and his prognosis is extremely guarded still.

Thankyou to every one who has already donated to his care. This is going to be a physical and financial challenge to get Woody back on all 4 paws.
If you would like to donate towards Woody’s ongoing care, please see our Donate page 💓