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New Unexpected Arrival: Amigo

New and very unexpected arrival @ BCWR. This is 3 month old Amigo.
Poor Amigo has suffered immeasurable neglect and now has a abscess around the size of a 50p piece on throat area. This may have devastating consequences as he has not received treatment in 3 weeks. Amigo has now had emergency treatment, antibiotics and pain relief to combat sepsis and secondary infections.

Update 5th March 2020:

Today under general anesthetic Amigo had the wound fully opened, necrotic and septic tissue removed, the wound flushed and a drain placed. Goodness knows how this injury occurred however Amigo came just in the nick of time, before the sepsis fully set in. Amigo is now back at the rescue and being carefully monitored by volunteers for signs of post surgery complications.

(new image added of abscess drain)

Amigo has now been adopted.