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New Year’s Admission, Hooti

New Years Eve Arrival @ BCWR.
WITHOUT FAIL every New Years Eve we have a critically illnew admission and 2020 – 2021 is no exception.

This is little Hooti…. who arrived with us at only around 2.30pm this afternoon.
Hooti is only around 5 weeks old and has been found in a yard of a busy council depot.
Tragically little Hooti was physically trapped under the wheel of a HGV truck and when discovered , the driver rang us for advice.

Once freed the driver brought little Hooti to BCWR and we rushed him up to our vets.
Hooti has now had xrays, examinations and assessments which have revealed a fracture tibia, fibula, a pivoted hock, a crushed tail and possible bladder and bowel nerve functional damage.
Hooti has had a special cast like dressing to immobiise his leg and he is now back with us in our intensive care .

Hooti will need many more tests, x-rays, likely surgery and months of rehabilitation…. if the injuries he has sustained do not prove fatal
In the meantime we will nurse, feed and care for him around the clock.
If you would like to contribute towards Hooti’s recovery please see our donate page.

thank you x