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Pearl Update

Back from the vets- WOW!!!
This is the worst facial injury I’ve ever seen…. yet what a difference a day makes.
Following hours of intricate surgery by our amazing team at Northcote, Pearl looks and feels so much better.
In theatre the jaw feels fairly secure however the bigger problem is the degloving injury.
Necrotic tissue has been scraped away, flushed with saline and sutured the skin back to the jaw and muscle layer.
A Naso-Gastric tube has been placed as she cannot eat with such injuries for the foreseeable future.
Pearl will be intensively nursed around the clock for the next few weeks or so and we just hope that she eventually makes a full recovery.
It is believed that the only viable explanation for her injuries is a road traffic accident.
We have had so much support recently from all our amazing friends however If any one would like to donate towards Pearl’s care…. here is how you can help.